About Me


My name is Cai and I am a travelholic.

In 2016 I made the move from my hometown, Melbourne, to London to be a stereotype of an Aussie abroad constantly travelling. Kidding! I have always had a passion and a drive to further my career and explore the world just like my parents.

Being the son of two foreigners in Australia it is in my blood to get out in the world and experience all of the cultures and natural beauty there is to see.



We only have a short period of time here on this intriguing, dangerous, and beautiful planet and I have set myself a life goal of visiting every country in the world.


All 198!




These blogs will share my stories as I venture off around the world as the gay, young adventurous man that I am. They will contain my highlights, struggles, embarrassing moments, love, and hopefully some witty commentary on my life’s adventure.


I want to share these memories with all my family and friends (Hi Mum!), and if just one of my pieces inspires just ONE person I will have achieved what I set out to achieve with my writing, as cheesy and cliché as that sounds. I will also throw in the odd candid ‘looking out into the distance’ photo from time to time, I do love those.

Now get reading and inspire your future travel memories! Also, if you have tips, recommendations and feedback for me please send it through, I’m all ears! Unless you are being a troll, ain’t nobody got time for that!

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